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Direktori Jurnal Ilmiah Indonesia

This deposit policy directory journal contains all article Indonesian scientific journal that have been submitted by publishers to PDII-LIPI. Through this directories, users and journal publishers can check the completeness of journals identity and articles which indexed in ISJD. To find journals in this directory, please type the journal identity by using the title, subject, ISSN, and publisher (in Indonesian or English) through the search box.

Besides of these online directories, PDII-LIPI has also published the book "Directory of Indonesian Learned Periodicals (Direktori Majalah Ilmiah Indonesia) Third Edition 2015. The directory book is an earlier directory issue, the first edition in 2004 (covering 1170 journals) and the second edition in 2010 (covering about 2000 journals). The directory book in 2015 contains full information--from titles to accreditation status--Indonesian journals from all science fields that have been published. Through these journal directory (in ISJD or directory books), it is expected that users and journal publishers could get accurate data and to know the growing trend of journal publishing in Indonesia.

For journal publishers who want to know their edition in ISJD is recommended to use ISSN because it is unique (not owned by other journal publishers). If journal and article data is incomplete in ISJD, the publisher must make a save the journal (serah simpan jurnal) regularly to PDII-LIPI so that their publication can be fully indexed in ISJD. Publishers who can not find their journals in ISJD but have sent journal editions regularly to PDII-LIPI, please contact the journal recipient staff at PDII-LIPI (Documentation Division) or send an email to PDII LIPI

Pusat Dokumentasi dan Informasi Ilmiah (PDII - LIPI), Jl. Jend. Gatot Subroto No. 10 Jakarta 12710 Telp. 021-5733465 ext 3508, 3501 | Fax. 021-5733467